Family Feuds Online Game

Family Feuds Online GameFamily Feud is a game inspired by the well-known TV game show. This online adaptation brings this entertaining game into your home!

History of Family Feud

Mark Goodson is a creator of a timeless game show. It began in 1976. The first host was Richard Dawson. From there, it’s developed into a key product of US TV> The latest charismatic host is Steve Harvey.

Now you can get involved in the action by playing Family Feuds game online. Try it now for a fun experience.

Why do people love Family Feud?

Family Feud is a backbone in US television because people admire this game very much. It provides users with side-splitting humor and charm. Plus we can all belong to the families taken part in the game. But, most of all, we admire a challenge.

Family Feud melts great entertainment with breath-taking pool! People feel great by testing their knowledge, but be prepared for a unpleasant surprise that your answer isn’t the best one.

How to Play Family Feud Game Online?

Family Feud is an iconic pool game show based on real survey responses!

Each question has many answers, but the top answers (that were selected most frequently by the survey respondents) grant you the most points.

Each game starts with three timed rounds of pool where you must find the top answers for each question before time runs short.

After the first three rounds, the user with the highest total points wins Family Feud and moves on to the “Fast Money” round to gain even more points!

The “Fast Money” set is the most great and legendary part of Family Feud! It is a series of 5 questions that use the same format as the first 3 rounds offer. The only difference is that each question has a different topic and you only have one guess. If all your answers gain over 100 points in combination, you win 500 more bonus points!

Family Feud provides classic entertainment value for the whole family. Play Family Feud online to test your general knowledge and win household bragging rights!

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