Are You In Crisis?

What is a Mental Health Crisis?

When you or a family member experience a mental health emergency which may result in possible self-harm or danger to others, or due to a psychiatric emergency, you are unable to safely care for yourself or your loved ones.

Prevention First

Advantage Behavioral Health believes the best way to deal with a mental health crisis is to prevent it from happening. By working with Advantage and its providers, members and their families can learn about what a mental health crisis is, how to prevent it and how to deal with it.

For members who need services quickly, Advantage can help members get the care they need. This allows members with serious needs to be seen by outpatient mental health or substance abuse providers before their problem results in crisis. Advantage serves as an important link between members and the behaviorial health services they need.

Accessing Crisis Services

Members in crisis need quick attention. For members finding themselves or their loved ones in crisis Advantage has several ways of getting members linked with crisis services. The safety and well being of our members is very important and Advantage members can be linked to crisis services in several ways.

If this is a life threatening or other extreme emergency situation, call 911 or the emergency number in your local area or go to the closest hospital emergency room.


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