Advantages of Advantage

Our commitment is to provide you with innovative strategies, systems and services for managing the efficient, cost-effective delivery of quality behavioral healthcare services.

Together, we will work to address the problems of:

  • at-risk children
  • children in state custody
  • excessive hospitalization
  • access to care

Our experience and our tools work to help everyone operate more effectively and efficiently.

And, with a focus on customer service, we will work to ensure that your members have quick access to highly experienced and caring providers.

Our Principles

Advantage was built on several key principles:

  • Providers will use treatments that work when feedback and the right incentives are available,
  • Research-supported treatment delivered in the right amounts, when needed, yields recovery and cost savings, and
  • Technology is an underutilized, powerful healthcare tool that supports real time coordinated care across all providers.


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