How much is it to see a doctor without insurance in Canada?

Seeing a Doctor Without Insurance In Canada

Medical care in Canada is free. But this applies only to those who have a health card (a plastic card with a magnetic coating confirming that you have medical insurance). Immigrants receive it only three months after arrival. Anyone who is not a Canadian citizen and does not have medical insurance must pay for treatment in the event of illness. So where to go and how much does it cost to visit a doctor in Canada without health insurance?

Where to go without insurance: options for getting medical help

  1. Сommunity hospital. Consultation with a doctor, a referral for tests or a prescription – for this, you can go to inexpensive clinics, where you will be served without an insurance policy and will not even be asked for immigrant status. Find them easy. Just type in the search bar “community health care” or “community hospital” and choose the one that suits you best.
  2. Walk-in clinics. Another option is to use a walk-in-clinic. These are private institutions. To see a doctor, you will have to stand in a queue, the service will be very average, but you will definitely be provided with qualified help and the bill will not be exorbitantly high. Read a patient story about visiting a doctor with no health card: “I’ve been living in Canada for 2 years and have no health card. I needed to do the simplest procedure without insurance. It cost $600 at the hospital and $130 at the walk-in clinic. I waited for about 2 hours to see a doctor, half of the staff was Spanish-speaking, but I liked the doctor. When the reason for seeing a doctor is fairly simple, this is the optimal opportunity to get medical help.”
  3. Free or charitable clinics. There are also free clinics that operate with private donations. But only a low-income citizen of the country can become their patient. Moreover, the right to service is played in the so-called monthly lottery. The one who gets a lucky ticket becomes a patient. If you are unlucky, you can try your luck in another similar clinic or try next month.
  4. Special programs at hospitals. In Canada, there are a number of social programs that will help pay the hospital bill. You should always ask and not be afraid to ask. So, even if you go to a big hospital, you can significantly reduce the price for medical care. Some clinics offer a whole system of subsidies for people with low incomes. They even have detailed instructions in other languages on how to get such help. The main requirement is to indicate the level of income and the number of family members living with you. These data will determine the amount you have to pay for medical care. Thus, the amount may be reduced several times.

How much is a doctor visit without insurance?

The cost of treatment in Canadian hospitals is very high. One day spent at a local hospital costs about $4,000. A simple surgery will cost $20,000. Doctor consultation fee without insurance costs between $100 and $250. Canadian doctors can also charge for x-ray, procedures, care, and medication. The prices for drugs can be extremely high, so most patients prefer to purchase them online at My Canadian Pharmacy with a discount.

Is it necessary to get health insurance in Canada?

Remember that a stay in a hospital without insurance will cost about 4 thousand dollars if you have no health card in Canada. Emergency medical care often redirects patients or victims from one hospital to another, so it’s not the best way to speed up medical care being without proper insurance coverage. If you still decide not to buy insurance during these three months of waiting for a health card, we recommend that you exercise increased caution and, if possible, not to get sick and not be injured. If you are a tourist, you should buy Travel Medical Insurance to make seeing a doctor in Canada trouble-free.

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